St Vincent De Paul Society (SVP)

One of the main tasks of SVP is assisting in feeding the poorest of the poor in our society. For this they rely heavily on donations for the various feeding schemes. As such there is a great need for SVP to be supported in their sterling work in helping feed the poorest of the poor in our community. Below is the list of items needed for family support and your help in buying all or some of these items will be greatly appreciated. Alternatively cash donations clearly marked SVP Feeding Scheme – can be placed in the Offertory Bag at weekend Masses.
PLEASE NOTE – The sizes are important. Donations of any or all of these items can be placed in the basket in the Church foyer or at Caryn’s office.

Mielie Meal5kg
Dried sugar beans200g
Tomato and Onion mix410g can
Baked beans410g can
Soya mincesmall box
Tea bagbox of 26 tea bags
Pilchards in Tomato sauce410g can
Cooking oil 750ml
Bath SoapCheapest
Soap powder125g
Large black bags (Heavy duty)Roll/Pkts


A Brief history on the Society of St Vincent de Paul
Founded by the Blessed Frederic Ozanam, then a 19 year old student. He was born in 1813 and died at the relatively young age of 40 in 1853. Frederic Ozanam and a group of his student friends founded SVP in 1833.
He and a group of friends determined to demonstrate their faith by acts of charity. This was in response to the intellectual anti-Christ and anti-Catholic sentiment prevailing in the University at the time.
It is recorded that their first act of Charity was made by taking wood to an old man in their tenement building in which they lodged. This led to the very beginning of what is now the largest charity in the world. Active in 132 countries around the world. Vinny shops are on the high streets of the world and the Society has great repute in France, Ireland, Australia as it is everywhere.

St Vincent de Paul was started in South Africa by Alexander Wilmot in Cape Town in 1853 and soon became established wherever the Catholic Church established itself in South Africa.

Structure of SVP
The Head Office is in Paris and has a structure of National Councils governing countries who, in turn, govern district councils within those countries and we report in to the district council of The Western Cape. Each conference is accredited and reports in to its respective district council of which we are a fully accredited member.

Our Lady of Light conference was started in this Parish in 2004 enthusiastically supported by Fr. Douglas who was the Parish Priest at the time and the conference grew rapidly in membership and outreach. This incidentally was the first outreach this Parish had undertaken in the previous forty years.

SVP has a NPO number and is strictly governed financially. Not a cent of expenses incurred is deducted from donations, that expense being donated by the members of SVP.
Until recently we have been feeding 48 families twice a month in Zwelihle, Mount Pleasant, Gansbaai and Bredasdorp.
We have provided nourishing peanut butter sandwiches to the poor children of the mountain people living in the mountains above Hawston.
Run a soup kitchen every winter. Reanetse and Ma Koloko have played a pivotal role in this.
Provided school uniforms for 300 children last year.
Supported 10 Aids orphans via the Rainbow Trust.
Distribute Red Cross blankets every winter to the needy.
Provide bread to Aids orphans at Khanye House.
Support a deaf mute child in Catholic School in Cape Town.
Donated R3500 per month to Siyazama, the Old Age Centre in Zwelihle.
Historically provided a bus and garage for the Old Age Centre.

Bags of Love Campaign
An SVP initiative provided 1500 food parcels to the poor last Christmas

We have also provided assistance to deserving causes throughout the year.

In addition, separately but as part of the SVP family, a separate unit run by Mike Clark and Mick Fynn with funding channelled through SVP started a non-profit funding system for small entrepreneurs in Zwelihle. The project is called WAVE an acronym for Waterford Assisted Venture Enterprises.
This is a micro enterprise lending scheme, providing funding to individual entrepreneurs who would not otherwise have access to banks and has now become self-funded.

Another excellent enterprise run by Debbie Peiser assisted by Mike and Mick, provide much needed skills development in Zwelihle and its environment also funded by Waterford. Please take time out to speak to Debbie about her activities.

The Sacred Heart Parish of Waterford, Ireland
Soon after our local council was formed in Hermanus, Mike and Debbie Deegan excited the generosity of their home Parish in Ireland. The late Fr. Sean Melody became so enthused and in love with what we were doing in Hermanus that he actually built a replica shack in the Parish grounds. The financial response from the Sacred Heart Parish of Ireland was immense.
Around 2015/2016 we were extremely blessed, with an exceptionally high donation in Euro, and an even better exchange rate, we received R500 000.00 which financed a huge chunk of our endeavours enabling us to do much of what has been mentioned above. In the interim Fr Sean passed away in Ireland and Ireland and Waterford faced their own austerity issues.

Over the years, there was a massive cut by 60 percent leaving us with no alternative but to slash our charity by that percentage on all fronts including WAVE and OTI

Special Note: Donations may qualify for a tax deduction. While making this appeal SVP thanks parishioners who already donate generously.
Bank details : Society of Saint Vincent de Paul – FNB – Acc No. 62065935573
We ask you to pray for the SVP and the community so that we can maintain our efforts in feeding the poor.