Our Lady of Light – Hermanus Catholic Church

Bredasdorp ; Zwelihle and Gansbaai are the other congregations that form part of our Parish – all served by Fr Christian
21 Lord Roberts Road – Hermanus
Parish Priest: Fr Christian Frantz

Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit – Called or uncalled, God is there ~ Ancient proverb

Parish Contacts:
Parish Priest: Fr Christian Frantz
Tel: 028 312 2988
Email: catholicchurch@hermanus.co.za

Parish Secretary: Caryn Bonorchis
Tel: 028 312 2315
Email: catholicchurch@hermanus.co.za
Office Times:
Caryn Bonorchis is available: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00am – 1pm

Weekend 02 – 03 February 2019 : 4th SUNDAY in ORDINARY TIME

Mass Intentions for All Communities
NB: the main Mass in the Parish (Sunday 8am at OLOL) MUST be offered for the intention of the Parish.

MASS Schedule for the week starting Mon 04th February 2019:

Mon 04th Feb – Eucharistic Service – Hermanus – OLOL – 8:30am
Tue 05th Feb – Mass – Intention: Bernadette Hackett – Hermanus – OLOL – 6:00pm
Wed 06th Feb – Mass – Hermanus – OLOL – 8:30am
Thu 07th Feb – Eucharistic Service – Hermanus – OLOL – 8:30am
Thu 07th Feb – Mass – Zwelihle – MOA – 5:00pm
Fri 08th Feb – Mass – Hermanus – OLOL – 8:30am
Sat 09th Feb – Mass – Bredasdorp – OLF – 3:00pm
Sat 09th Feb – Mass – Intention: Bernadette Hackett – Hermanus – OLOL – 5:30pm
Sun 10th Feb – Mass – Hermanus – OLOL – 8:00am – 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sun 10th Feb – Mass – Gansbaai – StPF – 10:00am – 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sun 10th Feb – Mass – Zwelihle – MOA – 12:00 noon – 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Key: OLOL – Our Lady of Light
: StPF – Saint Peter the Fisherman
: MOA – Martyrs of Africa
: OLF – Our Lady of Fatima

Weekly News for the various Parishes:
House Mass:If anyone is interested in having a House Mass please take note that the 1st and 3rd weeks will be available. Please contact Caryn at the office.

Special Appeal from SVP: The membership of the SVP Conference in the parish is ageing! The average age is over 80!
Most of these members have been committed to SVP for many years and it really is time that some new blood gets involved in the organisation and the projects it runs.
This is an appeal for parishioners to consider an involvement with SVP. If anyone feels they can offer their services please contact Terry McCarthy.

With Thanks: A special thank you to Fr Christian, the choir and all who helped with the Requiem Mass for Paul Blignaut. From Pat and family.

Kolping Family: We would like to call on any interested people who would like to form a Kolping family, to meet on Thursday the 24th Jan at 6pm in the Church Hall.
Kolping will be offering the Work Opportunity Program (WOP). Forms are available to be completed and handed in at the office. These are to be handed in by the 1st of Feb.
Interviews and an information session will be facilitated on the 19th Feb.

SVP – Date of next SVP meeting: TBA.
Meeting will be as normal at 4:30pm in the Church Hall. New members are most welcome and needed.

SVP – 100 Club Bank details: 100 Club, FNB Bank, Branch Code 200412, Account Nr 626 759 961 63.
The dates for the 100 Club Draws are as follows: 3rd March; 2nd June 1st September and 1st of December. The draws will take place on Sundays and will coincide with Meet & Greet Sundays after the 8:00am Mass
If you are not a participant and would like to sign up please contact Pauline McCarthy or Lyn Bouchier.
The amount due is R600.00 for the year or R150.00 per draw.

The 100 Club was almost fully subscribed last year and we will presume that members wish to continue this year so there is no need to re-commit.
If however you would like to withdraw it would be appreciated if you could please let either Pauline McCarthy or Lyn Bouchier know ASAP so they can make arrangements to fill the spot.
Once again a direct deposit is the preferred method of payment with your Name as a reference.
Alternatively: cash in a clearly marked envelope can be handed in at the office or directly to Pauline or Lyn.

Remembrance Plaques: Should you wish to have a plaque made to be placed on our Remembrance Wall in memory of a loved one. Please contact Caryn at the Office to place your order

Mortuary List 2019: A special reminder that it is time to prepare the new Mortuary List for 2019. Please take an envelope from the back of the Church and put in the list of names, and relevant month together with a contribution. This needs to be returned as soon as possible. A box will be provided at the back of the Church for returned envelopes.

CATECHISM / YOUTH / CONFIRMATION We are looking for a teacher for the 11year old age group for 2019. Please contact Alice if you are keen 084 616 4216.
Please note Life Teen will be restarting in Feb 2019, this program is not only limited to those that are embarking on their journey towards confirmation. If you are already confirmed and would like to join in the Praise and Worship, please feel free to join. This will be your time to have fun and learn about your Faith. If you play a musical instrument you are most welcome to bring it along.
Any queries can be directed to Angelique Nowers at 082 258 6736

Newspapers, Newspapers!!! 🙂 🙂 your old newspapers are urgently required – you don’t want them, others need them. Church funds benefit !!

News from OLOL Church Committee:
Finances: If you would like to view the current state of the Parishes finances please click here to go to the Finance page to view this months financial statement.

Dates to Diarise:
6th Feb: PPC meeting – Stanford – 5:30pm

Please take some time while browsing to read these notes from the Archbishop:
Pastoral Letter on Child Safeguarding Policy

Archbishop Brislin’s statement on the present National crisis

Pastoral Letter on use of Water

Notices for the specific Communities:
Our Lady of Light – Hermanus
Remember the Church is open Mon, Wed and Fri: 9.00am – 3.00pm for quiet reflection and prayers
Daily: Rosary – 8:10am – Holy Mass – 8:30am ; Fridays – Divine Mercy Chaplet following Mass.

Regular Mass times: Sat (for Sun) 5.30pm ; Sun 8.00am

Confessions: Exposition, Benediction & Confessions – First Friday 5:30pm – and every Saturday at 5:00pm
For Confessions outside of these times please contact Fr Christian or the Office

Baptisms ; Marriages ; Funerals : please contact Fr Christian or the Office
Please note that for Marriages at least 6 months notice is needed.

Catechism classes – watch this space for news of 2019 classes or else please contact the Parish secretary or Fr Christian for any info.

Catechism teacher: A Catechism teacher is required for the 12 year old children. Please note that classes start on the 3rd Feb.
Registration will take place this weekend and next weekend (26th/27th Jan) after Mass.

Volunteer needed: Evelyn Alexander is no longer able to sell the Southern Cross newspaper after Mass on Saturday evenings. Is there anyone who is willing to take this over from her? Please speak to Toni Maytham

USHERS..: We require 4 more ushers – men or women, to step forward and volunteer to help over the weekends. 2 for Saturday and 2 for Sunday masses.
Please contact Brian Bonorchis on 064 781 7911 so he can explain what will be required and expected of you.

Lift required to Church..: Laeticia Cruywagen a resident at Negester in Onrus is needing a lift to Church either Saturday evening or Sunday mornings. Please if anyone is able to give her a lift please contact her on 084 744 4517. Please take note she is visually impaired so needs assistance.

Martyrs of Africa – Zwelihle

Would anyone like to apply for the Baptism of their infant child, please get a Baptism application form from Fr Christian

Every Saturday before Sunday Mass 10:00am Servers’ Rehearsal

St Peter the Fisherman – Gansbaai

Our Lady of Fatima – Bredasdorp – (Meeting at the All Saints, Anglican Church)

Market Place:

Please contact the office for rates to advertise your business.
Need a Handyman: Joseph is available for any maintenance and repair jobs. He is also willing to do chauffeuring if needed. Please contact him on either 028 315 1620 or 081 397 6137

Lost Property: A list has been placed up at the back of the Church with a list of items found in the Church. Please check to see if any of these items belong to you. All of the ‘lost’ items are in Caryn’s office should you wish to collect during office hours.

Prayer List A totally new list will be starting : If you wish for a name to be on the list please inform Caryn. You can do this either by an email or please write the name on a piece of paper headed ‘Sick List’ and pop it into the collection bag at Mass.
Please note ALL names from the Prayer List will be removed at the end of each quarter in the year. For all those wishing to be on a new Prayer List please either contact Caryn or email the office.

Prayer List:

Vera Schrambke ; Jenny & Alan Duncan ; Lillian Thompson ; Charlotte Spencer ; Louis van der Merwe ; Laeticia Cruywagen ; David & Janet Christie ; Barry Wood ; Francine Chaussee ; Mike & Verna Leighton ; Rosalind McCormick ; Fiona Gray ; Margaret Lawrence ; Wilhelmina Bazzard ; Anne Doyle ; Elizabeth de Buys ; Jeanette Ludick ; David & Lindy ; Erich Mettler ; Margaret Hill ; Joshua & Marc Terweer ; Maureen & David Commalle ; Laurier Labuschagne ; Margot Walters ; Peter Luck ; David Luck ; Kim Donnelly ; Barry Giggins ; Lesley Oertel ; Scotty Wallace ; Julian Papier ; Rosemary Sutton ; Ben Bosch ; Gerry Gouws ; Sue Smith ; Lucille Reinders ; Bernadette Hackett ; Nathan Aldridge ; Paul Blignaut ; Lillian Collins

Please note that in order for any notices to be included they must have been sent to Caryn Bonorchis by the Wednesday 12 noon; NO EXCEPTIONS
Also the prayer list will be updated every 3 months. Once the names have been removed please inform Caryn Bonorchis if you wish for your loved one’s name to be reinstated.

Click here to view upcoming events in the Parish