Church Front

Welcome to Our Lady of Light – Hermanus Catholic Church

21 Lord Roberts Road – Hermanus
Parish Priest: Fr Christian Frantz

Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit – Called or uncalled, God is there ~ Ancient proverb

Parish Priest: Fr Christian Frantz
Tel: 028 312 2988


Parish Secretary: Caryn Bonorchis

Tel: 028 312 2315


Office Times:

Caryn Bonorchis is available: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00am – 1pm


Southern Cross available after Saturday evening and Sunday morning Mass

Our Lady of Light – Hermanus

Monday – Friday: 8:30am preceded by Rosary @ 8:10 am

Saturday: 5:30pm (for Sunday Mass)

Sunday: 8:00am includes Childrens Catechism

1st Friday of the Month: 5:30pm Divine Mercy Chaplet following Mass

2nd Wednesday of the Month: Kidbrooke Retirement Village: 10:30am

Confession: 5:30pm First Friday and 5:00pm every Saturday

For Confessions outside of these times please contact Fr Christian or the Office

For Baptisms ; Marriages ; Funerals please contact Fr Christian or the Office

Please note that for Marriages at least 6 months notice is needed.

Martyrs of Africa – Zwelihle

Liturgy of the Word & Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament: 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month: 11:00am, includes Childrens Catechism

Holy Mass: 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month: 12 noon

Holy Mass: Every Thursday: 6:00pm

St Peter the Fisherman – Gansbaai

Liturgy of the Word & Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament: 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month: 10:00 am

Holy Mass: 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month: 10:00 am

Tuesday Mass: 5.30pm (Following 1st & 3rd Sunday in the month)

Our Lady of Fatima – Bredasdorp (meeting at All Saints, Anglican Church)

Liturgy of the Word & Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament: 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month: 11:30 am

Holy Mass: 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month: 11:30 am

Tuesday Mass: 5.30pm (Following 2nd & 4th Sunday in the month)

Weekly News for the various Parishes:

Week end 14 Oct – 15 Oct 2017

Mass Intentions for All Communities
Mass Intentions – : – OLOL
Mass Intentions – : THE PARISH – OLOL
Mass Intentions – : – SPF
Mass Intentions – : – MOA
Mass Intentions – : – OLOL
Mass Intentions – : – OLOL
Mass Intentions – : – OLF
Mass Intentions – : – OLOL
Mass Intentions – : – OLOL
Mass Intentions – : – MOA
Mass Intentions – : – OLOL
Mass Intentions – : – OLOL
Mass Intentions – 15 Oct: THE PARISH – OLOL
Mass Intentions – Oct: – OLF

Please note that the main Mass in the Parish Church (ie. Sunday 8am at Our Lady) MUST be offered for the intention of the Parish.

General Notices for All Communities

CHRISTMAS Weekend MASS Schedule:
23 Dec – VIGIL Mass for Sunday – HERMANUS – OLOL – 5:30pm
24 Dec – CHRISTMAS VIGIL Mass – BREDASDORP – OLF – 11:30am
24 Dec – CHRISTMAS VIGIL Mass – GANSBAAI – SPtF – 5:00pm
24 Dec – CHRISTMAS VIGIL Mass – HERMANUS – OLOL – 8:00pm
PLEASE take note there will be no Sunday morning Mass at Hermanus – OLOL
25 Dec – CHRISTMAS DAY – Mass of the Day – HERMANUS – OLOL – 9:00am
25 Dec – CHRISTMAS DAY – Mass of the Day – ZWELIHLE – MOA – 11:00am

Please make a note the next SVP meeting is Tuesday the 7th Nov at 4:00pm in the Church Hall. Anyone interested in joining SVP can attend this meeting

Mortuary List – 2018:
It is time to prepare the new Mortuary list for 2018. Please put together your list of names and relevant month, together with a contribution. Envelopes will be available next weekend (21/22 Oct). The envelopes will need to be returned ASAP as we need to prepare a list for you to check spelling and dates. A box will be provided at the back of the Church for returned envelopes.

Ladies Guild meeting: This will be held Wed 18th Oct at 2:30pm

Confirmation 2018 Our Archbishop Stephen has granted us a date for Confirmation of our young people next year. The sacrament will be celebrated on Sunday 11th February at 10:30am. The venue will be confirmed at a later date. Adults are, as always, confirmed at the Easter Vigil in the year. Any young person turning 16 by this date is eligible for Confirmation. Please contact Debbie at 084 523 3798 to set times for meeting candidates or meet Thursdays at the Church Hall at 15h00 to 15h30 for September.

Newspapers, Newspapers!!! :) :) your old newspapers are urgently required – you don’t want them, others need them. Church funds benefit !!

News from OLOL Church Committee:
Meet & Greet will be on Sunday the 5th Nov after the 8:00am Mass

Please read these notes from the Archbishop:
Pastoral Letter on Child Safeguarding Policy

Archbishop Brislin’s statement on the present National crisis

Pastoral Letter on use of Water

Living Faith Booklets available at R18.50 each

St. Vincent De Paul Society (SVP):
Your assistance in helping us feed the poorest of the poor in our Parish is very much appreciated and we thank you and our donors very much for your assistance. The list for donated items for our grocery bags is on the notice board at the back of the Church. The list of groceries is also available on the website.
Parishioners who wish to make donations to SVP could do so by transferring the donation into the Society’s bank account, details of which are as follows: Account Name: Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Bank: FNB Hermanus, Account No: 62065933573. The Society is a registered Public Benefit Organisation and because of this, cash donations may provide the parishioner with a deduction against their taxable income. In order for this deduction to be claimed, the name of the donor is required. Therefore should any parishioner make a donation, please supply your name as a reference to enable the society to contact you.
Please Note: Our next meeting is on the 07th Nov 2017 at 4pm in the Church Hall. NB: Here is another way to help with the SVP financially – Join the 100Club!! Contact Terry for more details

Please feel free to visit the SVP Facebook page and leave any comments or questions you may have.
If you would like to get involved please contact Terry McCarthy his details are in the Contacts page.

Notices for the specific Communities:
Our Lady of Light – Hermanus
Remember the Church is open Mon, Wed and Fri: 9.00am – 3.00pm
Daily: Rosary – 8:10am – Holy Mass – 8:30am ; Fridays – Divine Mercy Chaplet following Mass.

Regular Mass times: Sat (for Sun) 5.30pm ; Sun 8.00am

Confessions: First Friday 5:30pm – Exposition, Benediction & Confessions

Choir members needed:- We are appealing to all parishioners (men & women) to consider joining the choir that sings at Saturday & Sunday Mass. Choir practice is on a Thursday at 4:00pm in the Church.
Please contact Jasmine Bonorchis on 082 870 8758

ECCLESIA: (History of Our Church – Southern Africa) There is a brand new season of Ecclesia starting on the 5th October. Please note it is a 4 week season, so please try and attend. The sessions will start at 5:30pm in the Church Hall. The topics are as follows:
Planting the Seed (5 Oct)
Nurturing (12 Oct)
Pruning the Branches (19 Oct)
Bearing Fruit (26 Oct)

Catechism classes – School holidays
Debbie’s Confirmation group meets on Thursday in the Hall from 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Martyrs of Africa – Zwelihle

Would anyone like to apply for the Baptism of their infant child, please get a Baptism application form from Fr Barry

Every Saturday before Sunday Mass 10:00am Servers’ Rehearsal

St Peter the Fisherman – Gansbaai

Our Lady of Fatima – Bredasdorp – (Meeting at the All Saints, Anglican Church)

Prayer List A totally new list has started: If you wish for a name to be on the list please inform Caryn. You can do this either by an email or please write the name on a piece of paper headed ‘Sick List’ and pop it into the collection bag at Mass.
Please note ALL names from the Prayer List will be removed at the end of Oct 2017. For all those wishing to be on a new Prayer List please either contact or email the office.

Prayer List:

Terence Lumby ; Vera Schrambke ; Jenny & Alan Duncan ; Ron Mallett ; Lillian Thompson ; Charlotte Spencer ; Chris Ross ; Janet Swanepoel ; Buddy Landers & family ; Antoinette Goodman ; Monica van Zyl ; Francine Chaussee ; Doris Buttner ; Stephen & Johanna Schwer ; Mary & Brian Foley ; Shelia Schwer ; Louie van der Merwe ; Bruce Pringle ; Jean Taylor ; Laeticia Cruywagen ; Johan van Zyl ; Brian Louw ; Margaret Lawrence ; Bryan Robertson ; Harry Stuhler ; Libby McCormick ; Patrick Donnelly ; David & Janet Christie ; George Hutton ; John James Keenan ; Barry Wood ; Pat Witney ; Sue Goris ; Kerryn Sullivan ; Wilhelmina Bazzard ; Judy Henderson (recuperating) ; Terry Kelly ; Erich Mettler ; John Erasmus ;
Mike & Verna Leighton ; Nathan Day ; Veronica Bates ; Rosalind McCormick ; Fiona Gray

Please note that in order for any notices to be included they must have been sent to Caryn Bonorchis by the Wednesday 12 noon; NO EXCEPTIONS
Also the prayer list will be updated every 3 months. Once the names have been removed please inform Caryn Bonorchis if you wish for your loved one’s name to be reinstated.

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