St Vincent De Paul

St. Vincent De Paul Society (SVP):

Your assistance in helping us feed the poorest of the poor in our Parish is very much appreciated and we thank you and our donors very much for your assistance. The list for donated items for our grocery bags is on the notice board at the back of the Church. The list of groceries is also available on the website.
Parishioners who wish to make donations to SVP could do so by transferring the donation into the Society’s bank account, details of which are as follows: Account Name: Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Bank: FNB Hermanus, Account No: 62065933573. The Society is a registered Public Benefit Organisation and because of this, cash donations may provide the parishioner with a deduction against their taxable income. In order for this deduction to be claimed, the name of the donor is required. Therefore should any parishioner make a donation, please supply your name as a reference to enable the society to contact you.
Please Note: The next meeting will be announced shortly. NB: Here is another way to help with the SVP financially – Join the 100Club!!
Please feel free to visit the SVP Facebook page and leave any comments or questions you may have.
If you would like to get involved please contact Terry McCarthy his details are in the Contacts page.

St. Vincent de Paul Feeding Scheme

Suggested Donations

There is a great need for SVP to be supported in their sterling work in feeding the poorest of the poor in our community.
Below is the list of items needed for family support and your help in buying all or some of these items will be greatly appreciated.
PLEASE NOTE – The sizes are important. Donations of any or all of these items can be placed in the basket in the Church foyer or at Caryn’s office. Cash donations marked SVP Feeding Scheme – can be placed in the Offertory Bag at weekend Masses.

Thank You for your support

SVP would like to thank the parish of Waterford in Ireland for their generous financial support over many years. Without their support the Hermanus conference would not be able to embark on and sustain the breadth of charitable works currently undertaken. The support of the Irish however, may not always be forthcoming and parishioners are asked to consider making donations to SVP.
Donations may qualify for a tax deduction. While making this appeal SVP thanks parishioners who already donate generously.
Bank details : Society of Saint Vincent de Paul – FNB – Acc No. 62065935573
We ask you to pray for the SVP and the community so that we can maintain our efforts in feeding the poor.

Item Description




Mielie Meal


Dried Sugar Beans


Tomato & Onion mix

410g can

Baked Beans

410g can

Soya Mince


Tea bags




Pilchards in Tomato Sauce

410g can

Cooking Oil




Soap Powder


Large Black Bags (Heavy Duty)