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The application below will give you the Scripture readings for daily Mass, the readings for the Prayer of the Church (Breviary), and many other Catholic prayers and Rites. Just navigate your way through the various menu’s available.

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Daily Readings:
Daily Readings

Mon 19 Nov – Liturgy of the Day
Revelation 1:1-4, 2:1-5; Psalm: 1; Luke 18:35-43
“Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Pray this ‘Jesus Prayer’, repeating it over and over in your prayer time, or throughout the day. This prayer contains no pride, no requests, no expectations.

Tue 20 Nov – Liturgy of the Day
Revelation 3:1-6, 14-22; Psalm: 15; Luke 19:1-10
Just side-stepping the graver sins is not enough. God wants more from us. God wants us to be passionate – on fire with love! To seek God in all things and at all times. Wishy-washy discipleship is counter to the radical nature of the Gospel.

Wed 21 Nov – Presentation of Our Lady
Zechariah 2:10-13; Psalm: Luke 1:46-55; Matthew 12:46-50
When witnessing spontaneous generosity we are reminded that true gifts are always freely offered and come from the best place in our hearts. Allow Mary’s life to mould us in this way.

Thu 22 Nov – (St Cecilia, VM)
Revelation 5:1-10; Psalm: 149; Luke 19:41-44
Where is God in the midst of tragedy? God is right here with us in all the ways that our peace is shattered. This is a central aspect of the mystery of the cross. God holds us in these moments. God weeps with us.

Fri 23 Nov – (St Columban, Ab)
Revelation 10:8-11; Psalm: 119; Luke 19:45-48
In the low moments of your spiritual journey, when you are feeling weak or afraid, try to spend less time inside your own head. Rather spend time listening for that still, small voice of God that resides someplace much deeper.

Sat 24 Nov – (Ss Andrew Dung-Lac, Pr & companions, Ms)
Revelation 11:4-12; Psalm: 144; Luke 20:27-40
There is the ideal that everyone has one soul mate. Whether this is true or not, Jesus tells us that the love that conquers death is not romantic love, but God’s love. We do have one unique soul mate, and that is God.

Daniel 7:13-14; Psalm: 93; John 18:33-37
Rather than lording it over others, our King freely gave His life for us. Jesus’ kingdom is defined by His Mercy. As a shepherd King He accompanies us, gives us rest, heals broken hearts and fragile spirits and brings us safely home.

Key: SOLEMNITY ; FEAST ; Memorial ; (Optional Memorial)
Colour = Liturgical colour of the day or feast

Something to think about before praying: becoming peaceful and quiet.
From an Excerpt from ‘The Imitation of Christ’ by Thomas à Kempis – Chapter 3 para 1 & 2
Of the good, peaceable man
First keep thyself in peace, and then shalt thou be able to be a peace-maker towards others. A peaceable man doth more good than a well-learned. A passionate man turneth even good into evil and easily believeth evil; a good, peaceable man converteth all things into good. He who dwelleth in peace is suspicious of none, but he who is discontented and restless is tossed away with many suspicions, and is neither quiet himself nor suffereth others to be quiet. He often saith what he ought not to say, and omitteth what it were more expedient for him to do. He considerith to what duties others are bound, and neglecteth those to which he is bound himself. Therefore be zealous first over thyself, and then mayest thou righteously be zealous concerning thy neighbour.
Thou knowest well how to excuse and to colour thine own deeds, but thou wilt not accept the excuses of others. It would be more just to accuse thyself and excuse thy brother. If thou wilt that others bear with thee, bear thou with others. Behold how far thou art as yet from true charity and humility which knows not how to be angry or indignant against any save self alone. It is no great thing to mingle with the good and the meek, for this is naturally pleasing to all, and every one of us willingly enjoyeth peace: but to be able to live peaceably with the hard and perverse, or with the disorderly, or those who oppose us, this is a great grace and a thing much to be commended and most worthy of a man.